Friend Fertilizer Inc.


About Friend Fertilizer

Friend Fertilizer Inc. is a family owned and operated Reinke dealership located in Friend, Nebraska. As a Reinke dealer we specialize in sales and services of Reinke irrigation systems.


Known Around the World

Producers from all over the world choose Reinke irrigation systems to help them achieve greater yields and conserve water. You’ll find their name on these products:

  • Center Pivot Systems
  • Lateral Move Systems
  • Swing Arm Corners
  • Specialty Systems
  • Control Panels
  • Remote Management Systems
  • Variable Rate Irrigation
  • Wide Range of Components and Water Application Products

About Reinke

Reinke is one of the largest irrigation systems and components manufacturers in the world. With more than 80 acres dedicated to the design, production and distribution of irrigation systems and parts, there’s no mistaking their commitment or level of expertise.

The Reinke manufacturing plant houses 12 acres, under roof, of state-of-the-art fabrication systems, automated equipment and quality control processes. Couple that with the skilled expertise of our people and you can understand why equipment bearing the Reinke name is known the world over for durability, reliability and efficiency.

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